Did you know Excel is the 8th Most Demanded Skill in Today's Job Market?


Did you read the latest report from Burning Glass entitled “The Power of Transportable Skills”? The report defines ‘transportable skills’ as those essential to a worker’s success as they navigate the numerous role transitions throughout the lifetime of their career journey. The report goes on to show that the demand for transportable skills outpaces that for all others and that Microsoft Excel is the 8th most demanded skill in today's job market.

Imagine our surprise this past summer when Couragion was performing usability testing with a group of students who had ‘hit the wall’ trying to complete one of the challenges focused on data and spreadsheeting skills. The students lacked context around tables, cells, formulas or functions. After more primary research and student interviews from middle school students through to recent college grads, we modified the challenge and continued to release more new challenges to address these gaps.

With Couragion students are exposed to high paying, high growth, and high demand positions like a Data Analyst, Research Director, Business Intelligence Manager, Digital Media Specialist, Energy Economist, and more – all of whom use spreadsheets and regularly crunch and wrangle data. Once kids are aware of these types of occupations, they are interested in learning more and potentially pursuing these pathways. Based on direct feedback we collect through our Career Exploration program, we know 70% of students express positive sentiment about data jobs. Are you preparing your students for the future? Reach out to learn more about Couragion’s data collection, analysis and visualization curriculum.

Source: https://www.burning-glass.com/wp-content/uploads/ThePowerOfTransportableSkills.pdf

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