Boost Your Mentoring Abilities With Couragion’s Career Portfolios

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As a family member, coach, or educator it is often difficult to have meaningful career planning discussions with students. First you must understand the student’s career interests and then you must guide them to resources to help them learn more about the careers. The difficulty of this task is only increased by the rapid changes in the workforce landscape – making it impossible to be well versed on all of the different opportunities available to students.

That’s where Couragion can help. With our Career Portfolios, you can better mentor and counsel students about their future. Each Career Portfolio gives a detailed view of a student’s interests and values. You can see which work characteristics are important to the student and which careers they like or dislike. As you narrow in on careers that are a best fit for the student, you can review the Career Portfolio’s ‘Action Plan’ for a list of personalized recommendations that help the student to not only learn more about their best fit careers but also to build skills required for such jobs. Couragion has done the heavy lifting by curating and summarizing these personalized recommendations for you.

For example, say you are working with a student who scored highly for the Geneticist career. You might first review the recommendation that tells her about the various post-secondary paths available to qualify for such a job. Then you may have her complete the recommended genetics labs that are free online to build her knowledge in the areas of evolution, adaptation, DNA, inheritance, data, statistics, and more. Finally, you can suggest that as she completes this work, she should take the time to mark items complete within Couragion. She can then use the ‘Accomplishments’ section of her Career Portfolio as a reference when writing a resume, completing job or school applications, and preparing for interviews.

This is just one example of how Couragion’s Career Portfolios empower you to have more meaningful career discussions with students. If you would like to learn more and see our portfolios in action, DM me on Twitter, @laurafarrelly.

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