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Work-Based Learning Experiences for STEM, CTE & CS Classrooms

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Couragion Pathways

Couragion Pathways

Description:  Through an interactive student-led journey, Couragion identifies ‘best fit’ careers that inform & inspire students. Couragion Pathways builds awareness of the opportunities available to students, expands their career interests, maps relevance of their near term coursework to career pathways, & facilitates the creation of action plans & accomplishments tracked in their digital portfolios.

With Couragion Pathways, students engage with relatable role models who mirror a diverse demographic. Students cultivate interests by engaging with curated, personalized content related to their best fit careers. Schools & educators can customize the experience with hyper-local information that engages the community.

Learning Outcomes:  Career Consciousness, Career Literacy, Classroom Relevance, STEM Competency Development, Cross Disciplinary Awareness

Details:  Available in 15 or 30 hour curricular module, units & lessons aligned to Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) and Career & Technical Education (CTE) standards


Couragion Workplace

Couragion Workplace

Description:  Couragion Workplace provides contextual work-based challenges to teach students about jobs of the future. These challenges enable students to gain practical  occupational & essential skills & apply that knowledge to solve authentic problems.

Our Computer Science challenges better serve underrepresented populations by incorporating: a) greater purpose through demonstration of how tech jobs help people, animals, or society; b) real world context that shows relevance of learning tech tasks; c) mastery of essential skills via applied, contextual exercises; d) exercises that highlight leadership & teamwork & e) recognition support to drive encouragement and engagement.

Learning Outcomes: Applied Computer Science Skills Development, Essential Skills Advancement

Details:  Available in 15 or 30 hour curricular module, CS units & lessons aligned to K-12 Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) & International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 

Educator Professional Learning & Support

We measure student outcomes & our results are proven to boost engagement & pathway retention. We've tested the efficacy of our curriculum in authentic learning environments. We take educator feedback seriously & have introduced many new features based on their ideas. 

Navigator Dashboard Educator Tool

navigator dashboard

Our educator companion tool provides student detail & individual portfolios, key group metrics, & lesson plans. 

Classroom Implementation

online training & support

Our implementation is stress free. We provide crosswalks to make it easy to use Couragion in the classroom. 

Professional Learning

professional learning

Additional professional learning experiences are available in partnership with mindSpark Learning.