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Couragion Results & Broader Impact

  • It’s gratifying to see a student’s face light up when Couragion exposes them to unfamiliar career pathways that are a good match for their interests, values & work characteristics. 88% of students have found at least one 'best fit' career.

  • After engaging with Couragion, student intention to pursue STEM-related careers increases between 7-15%. Our research shows students who initially had the lowest interest scores had the biggest improvement - jumping 25% in interest level.

  • Based on student experience with Couragion, 83% of students of color were motivated to register for a new STEM class or activity in a Title I school that is 96% ethnically diverse.

  • At a middle school where 79% are students of color & 74% are eligible for free or reduced lunch, the research team found that female students were 4x more likely than males to select a role model of the same gender.

Couragion is redefining who can succeed in STEM & positively moving the needle to improve the awareness and perception of careers that require STEM skills & competencies. With a focus on the underrepresented, we currently serve a population who is 65% students of color & 50% female. 


"I have them do a written reflection after they're done spending a class period working on the app and they say things like 'I never even heard of this occupation before but that's what I want to be'."

Amanda Giuliani, STEM Coordinator, St. Vrain Valley School District


Custom Surveys & Reporting

We enable each of our schools and educators to measure what matters to them – whether your goals are to drive more work-based learning experiences like internships or apprenticeships, alternative pathways like industry credentials or dual enrollment, or programs that encourage the pursuits of underrepresented students.

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Couragion Research & Reports


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Couragion is generously supported by the National Science Foundation with a mission to improve the awareness and perception of careers in STEM.