STEM Skills = Higher Employability

Today there are already 2 STEM jobs for every qualified STEM candidate. Between 2010 and 2020, the overall employment in STEM occupations is projected to increase by 17 percent and add over 1 million jobs to the workforce. Not enough people are pursuing degrees and careers in STEM to meet the increasing demand. The problem is further exacerbated in that 75% of people who pursue science & engineering degrees do not hold STEM careers!

In addition to having a large and faster than average growing job market, did you know that STEM jobs have higher annual wages and lower unemployment rates than other occupations?  Focusing on STEM opportunities offers your family members a way to boost their employability and earning potential.

To pursue and stay in STEM careers, an individual must select a job that aligns to their interests and values. By getting people to think about job environments and work characteristics that matter most to them, Couragion helps individuals find more rewarding and fulfilling career options. In addition, by outlining the skills, training and education required for each career, Couragion gives kids a clear pathway toward their future.


Be Their Inspiration

A large majority of our role models cited their parents as the biggest influence in their lives and the people who most inspired them to pursue STEM careers. By supporting your kid’s career exploration, you can expand their view of what’s possible and motivate them to pursue education and training that will boost their employability and increase their chances of being happy with their career selection down the road. Inspire your kids to explore STEM career opportunities with Couragion and help them see all that they can be!