Sales is the Largest STEM-Related Occupation Not Related to Computers & Information Systems


According to a Spotlight on Statistics study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives are the largest STEM occupation not related to computers and information systems. So how did sales become a STEM-related hybrid job? More and more individuals working in sales must embrace working in data-driven, technology-fueled environments. There are an increasing number of sales-related job postings that merge sales with STEM skills - with sales engineers and sales data analysts leading the charge. STEM skills like data analytics, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity have been proven to be the most critical skills in fastest growing and highest demand jobs across every industry. Those are the careers we highlight and the skills we build within Couragion.  

One of our Couragion role models is the General Manager of Latin American Sales for Crocs. Katie is a globetrotter who runs an international business unit for one of the top US lifestyle brands. Her team is spread across thousands of miles and she spends a fair amount of time on a plane. Her days are about budgets, forecasts, closing deals, financial performance, and celebrating successes with teammates. Here's what some students have to say when learning about Katie's job.

 "I really like this field because it's basic problem solving and making money expand in companies. I would enjoy this since my favorite subject is math." -- Hispanic Male, High School Student

"At first I didn't think that this career was the right one for me but then I thought I should watch it before I started judging. Once I took a look at it I thought it would work for me. All the things that this woman talked about I like doing, so maybe when I grow up I will look into being a general manager. Sounds awesome😊😊😊." -- White Female, Elementary School Student

In an effort to help individuals identify with STEM and make it less scary and more relatable, we highlight these STEM-related hybrid careers in each of the 16 career clusters (a standard nationwide classification system). Each and every career we feature has STEM skills running through them so that everyone can find their own STEM-related personality and identity. We believe there is a little STEM in all of us.

Source: Spotlight on Statistics Study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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