STEMpath: Creating Computer Science Educator Capacity

Every week there's more news about computer science (CS) education in K-12 classrooms. Some states are requiring that every district and school provide CS, others are allowing students to count CS coursework toward graduation, and still more are even tracking enrollment or making CS a graduation requirement for every student.

I am heartened by the progress but with each new piece of legislation or policy we are exacerbating a system already strained in its teaching capacity. Expansion of STEM programs across the nation are being stymied by the inability to find qualified talent. The former Executive Director of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) noted how many might be surprised to learn that most CSTA members do not identify themselves as ʻCS teachersʼ, but rather as ʻteachers of CSʼ  – as only 1 in 9 CSTA members have taken a college level course in CS and only 5 – 7% have a degree or certificate in CS. Per Couragion's own primary research, 78% of administrators shared that ʻteachers with appropriate skills and experienceʼ would help take their CS programs to the next level.

We are proud to be one of the 'powerhouse education providers' developing and delivering STEMpath - an unprecedented STEM-Computer Science educator certification program. You can read the full press release here for more details. mindSpark Learning, Couragion, Metropolitan State University and Colorado Succeeds are incredible partners in leading this groundbreaking initiative. STEMpath will provide educators with the confidence and skills to teach computer science and computational thinking (CS/CT) in a relevant, holistic manner - beyond the context of coding and robotics.

Educators can learn more and apply here.

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