Celebrating 'I Am a Mentor Day'!


Today is 'I Am a Mentor Day' - which is a time to celebrate and reflect on the impact and beauty of mentoring. I've always been a champion of coaching and mentoring. I remember partnering with human resources at Sun Microsystems to build a mentoring platform that 'automagically' paired 'mentors' with 'mentees' based on skills they wanted to develop. With Couragion, I love spending time in the classroom mentoring our students. I took the pic above at STEM Launch K-8 on the last day of school before the holiday break while mentoring the 6th grade about the importance of STEM career exploration and literacy. 

January is National Mentoring Month (NMM). As we celebrate NMM, I wanted to share some cool facts about mentoring at-risk youths from the National Mentoring Month Toolkit:

  • 90% who had mentors were interested in becoming mentor themselves.

  • 78% were more likely to volunteer in their communities regularly.

  • 52% less likely than peers without mentors to skip a day of school.

Here are a three ways you can participate: 

  1. Become a mentor for at-risk youth - 1 in 3 kids are growing up without a mentor in their lives!

  2. You are never too old to be a 'mentee' - so engage in a little 'reverse mentoring' and find yourself a younger 'mentor' to learn about the hottest technologies and cultivate new ways of thinking.

  3. Thank a mentor that you've had in the past. January 25, 2018 is #ThankYourMentor Day! Mark your calendar!


Source: National Mentoring Month Toolkit



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