Internship Season – What’s In Demand?

With intern recruiting season in full swing, I felt it was timely to share an article that I recently read in the New York Times. It is entitled ‘Top 20 Fields for Internships: Get Your Skills On’ and it features the fields and skills most in demand in the intern market. 

STEM fields are featured prominently in the list and include:

  • Engineering
  • Data Analytics
  • Finance
  • IT Development
  • Science & Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Database Administration
  • IT Support
  • Economics

In addition, the list of the most sought after skills is helpful. The list spans both general skills and job specific skills. Top mentions of general skills include project management, customer service, and mathematics.

The above info can help the students or children in your life that are looking for an internship. The list of fields with the most job openings will help them narrow in on where they are most likely to find an internship. While the list of skills can give them ideas of what skills are important to develop and subsequently highlight on their resumes.

Gaining internship experiences is invaluable and can really help differentiate your students/children as they search for full-time jobs. Our role models repeatedly tell us how their internship experience helped them standout in the hiring process. For example, when we asked our Network Planning Engineer role model how difficult it was for her to get a job with AT&T, she replied by saying…

“This job was not as hard for me to find as it was for others because I had an internship before I hired on.”

By the way, if you know a student that has excellent design skills, have them check out our current opening for a Graphic Design Intern.

Laura FarrellyComment