Taking A Kid To Work On Thursday? View These Tips!

This Thursday, April 27th, is Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day (TODASTW)! It is a wonderful opportunity for kids to see a parent or mentor’s career and work environment first hand.

If you are taking a kid to work or if your students will be participating in the event, you can help them prepare by sharing these tips:

  1. Review The Day’s Plan - Prior to the event, make time to meet with the person that is taking you to work. Ask them about the agenda for the day and have them tell you about the activities you will participate in.
  2. Prepare Your Materials - Bring a notebook and pencil to take notes. Pack a water bottle and snack. Also, take a book or homework so that you have something to do during breaks or downtime during the event.
  3. Practice Your Introduction - You will meet several new people during the day. Upon meeting new people you should shake their hand, greet them and tell them your name. Practice doing this with a friend or family member.
  4. Formulate A Few Questions - Think about questions you can ask the people you meet during the day. Such as: “What is your favorite part of your job?” or “Can you show me something you do in your job?”
  5. Remember Your Manners - The people that you will interact with are volunteering their time to help you learn. Treat them with respect and kindness during the day and send a thank you card or email after the event.

You may download a print version of these tips here and for additional resources, visit the TODASTW website.

If your kids aren’t able to attend a TODASTW event, consider gifting them the Couragion app where they can see careers and work environments first hand via videos.

Laura FarrellyComment