Are you ready for Digital Learning Day? #DLDay

Instructional technology programs in the classroom and after the bell are improving student outcomes across our nation. In 2012, Digital Learning Day was started as a venue to showcase educators dedicated to digital learning and to spread those innovative teaching practices. The nationwide celebration held on February 23rd this year is an effort to engage students and empower educators through the effective use of digital tools to improve the learning experience in K-12 education.

In case you need help selecting some digital learning activities, here are a few actionable and useful ideas that will extend beyond just the #DLDay.

  1. Create a Classroom Run Blog – Being a blogger used to be just a hobby but for many people around the globe, it’s become a career. Blogging gives students a voice and a way to build real marketable skills. Check out this post Blogging? It's Elementary, My Dear Watson! for suggested tips and the digital tools to make it happen.  
  2. Create a Personal or Group Research Practice – Students and teachers can save online resources and share their research with members of their groups. And the bonus is that it doesn’t require an email to sign up and use the link sharing and social bookmarking service! Organize Your Research with Diigo (Part 1 of 3) will give you a quick primer – but I’d also check out Parts 2 and 3 for specific tips for group collaboration and K-12 teachers.

To further take part, you can share your digital learning activities and lessons with others.

Tell your stories by registering your #DLDay activities here:

You can also participate in live Twitter chats throughout #DLDay to learn from others. Don’t forget to use the #DLDay hashtag to monitor the conversations and tag your own contributions. Mark your calendar! 

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