Promoting Early Parent-Teacher Career Conversations For Our Students

Per the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability, families who learn about and begin the career development process with their youth early are better prepared to support their students in choosing and building a bright future over the course of their career. Our partner schools agree and so do we. Some of our teachers started to share with us that they were using the Couragion educator application to share student progress with their parents during parent-teacher conferences. When we found out, we offered to create a new feature meant to enhance the parent-teacher interaction. This new feature offers parents insight into their kid’s best fit careers, related career clusters, and career related goals among other things – with a whole host of benefits.  

Parent-teacher conversations become enthusiastic and fresh – and whole lot less redundant. Teachers focus on the interests and preferences of their students and parents gain insights about what’s happening in the classroom. The focus creates positive and personal parent-teacher interactions.

Additionally, parents have something to take away from the meeting to discuss with their kids that isn’t just about performance feedback alone. What if your daughter is interested in being a food scientist? What if you learned that your son wants to pursue a career in cyber security? With this information, family and their advocates can play a more informed and critical role in career planning and youth development. 

Technology like Couragion can enhance home-school communications. And when parents and teachers communicate more effectively, they can better support students in their quest of self-awareness and career discovery. 



Melissa RisteffComment