Educators Believe the Couragion App Delivers on Its Promise

Over the summer, we sat down with Nick Arvidson who is an Assistant Principal and CTE Director at Denver Public Schools - who also happens to be an amazing supporter, champion and customer of Couragion. Nick works at High Tech Early College – a high school with a student population that is 96% ethnically diverse and where 82.5% of students receive a free or discounted lunch. We wanted to share a few of the results of our wrap up of working with the kids in their TechConnect Career development program this past spring.  

  • 86% of kids found at least one best fit career – and it’s really gratifying to see a student’s face light up when they learn a career is a good match for their values and desired characteristics of a job.
  • The intention to pursue a STEM career improved by 7% points overall – which proves Couragion is directly moving the needle to improve the awareness and perception of careers that require STEM competencies.
  • 83% of non-white students were motivated to register for an upcoming or different STEM class based on the new careers they learned about - which means that Couragion is helping to show the relevance of near term course work. 
  • 77% of non-white students agreed that they intended to pursue a new hobby, interest, or skill based on what they learned about these careers - which is showing that Couragion is motivating behavior and sparking action. 

Here's a testimonial from Maria Gordon, Computer Science teacher at High Tech Early College: 

“The Couragion app delivered. I have yet to use another curriculum or app that provides the detailed data, rigor regarding delivery, and feedback and support. The app is engaging and provides detailed data.” 

Positive feedback was received across the board from the school. Given Couragion’s mission to boost the number and diversity of individuals who pursue STEM careers our results are very encouraging. Listen to our video interview with Nick Arvidson now to learn more about his experience with Couragion. 


Melissa RisteffComment