What does Couragion have to do with NASA's Juno mission?

Did you see the recent news from NASA? This month their solar-powered Juno spacecraft successfully executed a maneuver to adjust its flight path. This maneuver refined the spacecraft’s trajectory to set the stage for Juno's arrival at Jupiter about five months from now. At Couragion, we keep tabs on these initiatives – especially when they involve Couragion role models.

One of Couragion’s inspiring role models, Sibel Clark, was part of the Juno team. In her role as a spacecraft flight software engineer, she gets to work on some seriously cool missions. Sibel joined the space explorations team back in 2009 to work on Juno. A few years later on Aug. 5, 2011, Juno was launched. The purpose of Juno is to conduct an in depth study of Jupiter – seeking to understand the planet's origins, structure, atmosphere and magnetosphere. Sibel developed much of the software code that helps the spacecraft talk to the scientific instruments that will capture all that data.

Are you interested in space exploration? There are a ton of high quality resources on the NASA site about this and other missions. Take a peek. 




Melissa RisteffComment