Passion As A Springboard Towards Skill Development

I just started reading the book “Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era”. It’s chock-full of interesting arguments and ideas that have my juices flowing (thanks for the recommendation Kurt!). One concept discussed with clarity exposes many of the fundamental flaws of our educational system including our over rotation on memorizing content and seeking credentials – instead of pursuing passions and striving for competence. The authors highlight that teachers and parents can help kids to sustain current passions, discover new ones, and ultimately use those passions as a springboard towards skill development.

Couragion could not agree more. Our entire experience has been designed to help kids 'see what they can be' through interactive Quests that might be tapping into existing passions or uncovering new ones. Can a passion for video games lead to a career as a game developer? Can passions for the outdoors and art converge and lead to a career designing outdoor products? Can a passion for gardening lead to careers in hydroponic farming or landscape architecture? Yes, yes, and yes.

Don’t worry if you have kids with differing hobbies or interests. There are many more examples where those came from. Let Couragion help you. Our inspirational role models tell their stories so that kids can discover what skills and competencies are important and help them to develop a path to pursue and sustain those passions.



Melissa RisteffComment