Five Career Resolutions To Make With Your Kids in 2016

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, many of us are contemplating resolutions for 2016. Historically, I have gone a bit overboard on the resolution front – creating goals for myself, my kids, and even my husband (much to his dismay).  And this year I’m continuing my resolution zeal by suggesting career exploration goals for you, our blog readers!

As a parent, educator, or mentor, you are instrumental in helping kids find careers that inspire and motivate them to work hard. Here are five resolutions you can make in 2016 to best support your kids’ career exploration:

  1. I will help my kids understand what factors to consider when evaluating potential careers.
  2. I will encourage my kids to consider careers beyond those held by their circle of family and friends.
  3. I will support my kids in exploring two careers per month via videos, guest speakers, or field trips.
  4. I will urge my kids to further explore their best fit careers by suggesting they pursue related extracurricular activities such as summer camps, online resources, or clubs.
  5. I will help my kids see the real world applicability of their current coursework by highlighting careers that use the skills they are learning in school.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for additional 2016 resolutions that support career exploration – simply email me at laura @

And all of us at Couragion wish you a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 2016!


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