Will Generation Z Be A More Purpose-Driven Workforce?

I read a recent article in Fast Company about the purpose-driven workforce, which stated that twenty-eight percent of the U.S. workforce see work as primarily being about purpose:  finding personal fulfillment and helping other people. And the research shows that those with purpose-driven work orientation are more engaged, happier, and more productive. Others think of work as a transactional way to generate income - or a means to an end.

I was curious about how the percentages compared to Couragion's data - so we pulled the data and took a look. Eighty-one percent of kids today said that having a greater purpose in their future career was important. That's broadcasting a pretty different story. Is it foretelling a demographic shift in the values of the emerging Generation Z workforce? Are we doing a better job of instilling stronger work orientation values?

At Couragion, we talk about career purpose as helping people, society, animals, and the environment. We believe that understanding whether purpose matters to you at work is a indicator of your future happiness and job satisfaction. Some of our highest purpose-driven role models are researching cancer cures, providing clean water to remote villages, educating our kids about technological advances, and safely feeding our neighborhoods.

I feel fortunate that work has always been a big source of fulfillment personally. Are you modeling a positive work orientation towards being purpose-driven for your kids?


Source:  http://www.fastcoexist.com/3052823/the-purpose-driven-workforce-is-42-million-strong

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