Do We All Need to Be More Flexible?

I recently attended a session at Denver Startup Week called the Changing Face of Technology in Education. Three fantastic speakers were featured and an interesting theme emerged. While not a new message, I repeatedly heard that in order for tech to be useful it needs to be flexible enough to be deployed by educators in different, meaningful ways. We completely agree. Technology is not meant to replace what is working. It should enhance and amplify the student experience and the teacher’s invaluable know-how.

With Couragion, each school has the flexibility of using the app in a way that best fits their values and philosophy while also integrating into any existing programming around STEM and career exploration. Many of our partner schools have already come up with some amazing ways to leverage and integrate Couragion’s career exploration. And we’re happy to share. We want to ensure that teachers understand how to incorporate digital tools appropriately and are comfortable doing so effectively.

We believe that career exploration should be integrated into core curriculum and programming to create unique multi-disciplinary learning experiences that can be enlightening and transformative for students. Imagine a class where the student can learn to write code and then immerse themselves in the types of STEM jobs they could pursue in context. In the coming weeks, we'll be featuring some more detailed insights and practical tips on how you can enhance and amplify STEM education for your students. Stay tuned!

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