PhD? It’s In There

I was working with our team on post-production of new role model videos this week and a television commercial from the 80s popped into my head. The ad was for Prego Spaghetti sauce and features a person who doubts that a canned sauce can taste like homemade. The doubter keeps asking if certain ingredients are in the sauce – with each question, the ad’s protagonist replies ‘It’s In There’.  (Side note for younger readers – if you have never viewed the commercial, you can check it out on YouTube.)

This commercial came to mind because working on these new videos reminded me of the amazing depth and breadth of knowledge that is in the Couragion app.  Need to understand what a rocket scientist does? It’s in there. Want to know more about the tasks a horticultural scientist performs? It’s in there. Wish you knew what a lab work environment looks like? It’s in there. Need to know what classes to take in high school for your future career? It’s in there. Want to know what salary level to expect? It’s in there.

And with the videos that we wrapped up this week, information about the path to a PhD will also be in the app!

Two of our new role models do an excellent job of outlining the process that is followed to earn a PhD. They discuss the coursework requirements that must be met, how to select a dissertation research project, what a research committee is, and the process of defending their dissertation research in order to graduate.  The role models also outline the typical career paths a PhD can pursue post graduation – from academia to industry. 

How many middle school, high school, or even early college students understand what a PhD is and the path to earn one? I surely did not know much about PhDs when I was in school and I would bet that the large majority of today’s students don’t have this knowledge either. So how cool is it that educators and families can put such information into the hands of their students and kids? Because with the Couragion app – it’s in there!

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