Industry Connections Without The Overhead

Customer Video - Learn about Couragion's use at Skyline High School

As an educator or counselor you need to connect your students with industry and show them the vast array of career paths available. But it can be very difficult to find role models who mirror your students’ demographics. It is also time consuming for you to identify, gain commitment from, and organize a multitude of industry partners for onsite visits. Couragion provides STEM education and career planning experiences that are engaging, but without the costs, liability, and logistical burdens of field trips, career days and guest speakers.


Real World Career Exploration

Couragion provides a career planning app for students and STEM education resources for educators:


Career Assessment

Exploration-based career “Quests” show real Role Models in their actual work environments, feature the career paths they took to get their job, and showcase typical tasks they perform and technologies that they use on the job.



Self-discovery and career interest inventories identify student values and workplace characteristics that when combined help to define the vision of your students’ lives. Students can journal about career paths and what they learned about themselves.


Personal Learning Plans

Individualized career & academic plan alignment to support career counseling dialogues, the creation of personalized learning plans, and sound academic pathways that highlight the required STEM education and experiences that will prepare students.


STEM Educator Tools

The companion web application is built just for the educator to measure and evaluate progress. The dashboard shows student and group level analytics. Information about the careers can be easily accessed in order to provide career planning support.