A Career Finder for the STEM Generation

Chances are high that a kid’s understanding of STEM career options is limited to a few role models who are family members and close friends. Chances are even higher that your kids have no tools for an effective career search that helps them experience role models’ jobs first hand.

People can only be what they can see. So help your kids see more possibilities when it comes to careers. Couragion gives you an affordable and accessible way to for kids to engage in career assessment activities by putting videos of STEM jobs into the palms of their hands – literally!

With Couragion's STEM career exploration app, kids can see how natural resources are mined, understand what it takes to become a game developer, or witness a scientist research coral as a means to study climate change. Kids hear directly from role models that are diverse and early on in their careers – making them ‘near peers’ and more relatable to kids!