Understanding STEM Career Opportunities

Whether the kids in your life are showing an interest in the sciences, your high school student is acing math, your college sophomore is trying to choose a major, or someone in your family is looking to find a more rewarding career – Couragion can help.

With its interactive app, Couragion provides a ‘behind the scenes’ look at top STEM jobs and the career paths to obtaining such jobs. Couragion's career assessment helps individuals reflect on the work environment and job characteristics most important to them so that they can narrow in on career options that are best suited to their interests and values. Couragion includes the following features and functionality:


Wisdom about what factors to consider when selecting a career            


Overviews of critical job characteristics such as average salaries, growth rates, and education requirements


Real world videos featuring role models in their actual work environments


Self-reflection via games, quizzes, and journaling to encourage thinking and feeling about job likes and dislikes


Advice on the coursework, skills, and training required to obtain each career   


Insight into the careers that best fit an individual’s interests, values, and desired work characteristics