Modern Career Planning

Legacy career planning is outdated and students regularly report that they feel disengaged, discouraged, and misunderstood after using many of these resources. Couragion's application modernizes career planning with real role models.

Couragion role models are accessible to everyone and mimic diverse student populations. 84% of our role models are underrepresented in STEM, while 65% are ‘near peers’ – making it easier for students to relate to the role models and envision themselves pursuing those STEM career paths.

     Diverse role models spark perceived personal capacity

  Diverse role models spark perceived personal capacity


Flexible STEM Curriculum

Our STEM curriculum can be used in the classroom and with flipped learning models. The app can support core curriculum to career counseling to electives to after school and summer enrichment programs. 

The educator license includes professional development, STEM resources, and lesson plans so that the app can be easily integrated into your existing STEM curriculum and STEM education programs.