Couragion Applauds Learner-Centered STEM

A few months ago Getting Smart CEO Tom Vander Ark visited Harmony School of Excellence in Austin, TX. Vander Ark, regarded as a pioneer in edtech innovation and personalized learning, published a great article about the eleven important elements of the Harmony school model that can inform a shift towards Learner-Centered STEM.

Harmony Public Schools is the largest network of STEM schools in the country. They built their interdisciplinary STEM curriculum with a Race to the Top grant. The model incorporates hands-on learning, leverages blended tools to power personalization, and has a focus on career readiness. Their goal is not only to increase students’ STEM knowledge, but also their STEM interest.

At Couragion, we strongly applaud that approach – and we’re cheering from the sidelines. Our programs also leverage a blended learning approach that supports personalized career exploration and readiness. Our current National Science Foundation grant research is focused on improving the awareness and perception of the careers that require STEM competencies. The outcomes we’re measuring right now help us to understand interest levels in STEM fields, intention to pursue STEM careers, and reasons for disinterest.

Reach out if you want to learn more about the research and check out Vander Ark's blog below. 


Melissa RisteffComment