Why are we schooling creativity and innovation out of our kids?

I just wrapped up the book “Mostly Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era”. It highlights with clarity many of the fundamental flaws of our educational system including a poignant discussion about the goal of education. The authors discuss how our current education goals were written nearly 125 years ago by industrialists and educators who were preparing our youth for manufacturing jobs that emphasized routine task completion with minimal errors and no creative variation. At the same time, our technologically driven economy is automating and eliminating routine-based jobs at a breakneck pace.

Think about that for a minute. It’s no wonder kids aren’t leaving our education systems prepared for real careers in today’s workplace. As a leader in industry for the past few decades I can assure you that I wasn’t seeking candidates who memorized facts, followed the rules, and were happy with the status quo. I sought out “stars” who could overcome adversity and endure tough challenges. The ability to safely take risks, stumble, and learn from your mistakes makes you resilient, leads to better solutions, and helps you to attain mastery. The ability to think critically and creatively to solve problems uniquely leads to innovation. This innovation is so critical to STEM fields and our nation's welfare. So why are we schooling creativity and innovation out of our kids?

We should be cultivating creativity and inspiring kids to pursue their passions. At Couragion, we believe that helping kids understand what's possible is only the starting point. We all need to play our part. How can you get involved? We'd love to hear your ideas. 

Melissa RisteffComment