Couragion’s Navigator Dashboard allows a Navigator to access information about their Explorer Group and all the available Quests. There are four primary functions you can perform from the dashboard:

  1. My Explorer’s Data to view each Explorer's progress, jot down notes, and give grades
  2. Explorer Analytics to view summary data and key metrics about your Explorer Group
  3. Data Export to export Explorer data for further analysis or to upload into other systems
  4. Educator Resources to view Quest Overviews and Videos and Lesson Plans


My Explorer’s Data

You can View the following information for each Explorer in your group:

  • Red or green status of Explorer registration and profile completion
  • Number of Quests completed, aborted, points earned, and their highest scoring Quests
  • STEM intent on a scale of 1 - 100% as captured from the Explorer’s registration
  • Details link to a list of Quests showing whether that Quest was completed or aborted, start and end dates, an interest level, score, and any public comments provided by an Explorer

You can Sort any of the columns with a blue font (e.g. Last Name, Profile Completion, and Points Earned) by simply selecting the column name in the Explorer’s Data or the Details pages.

You can also provide your own input on each Explorer in your group by selecting Edit in the Explorer’s Data view. You can enter Navigator’s Notes about each Explorer from that screen. You can also provide a Navigator’s Grade by using the slider and selecting from a scale of 1 - 100%.

Finally, you can reset an Explorer's password by locating the row of data that contains the Explorer's name. Then scroll to the far right and select Change Password. On the Change Password screen enter and confirm a password and press Change Password.

Explorer Analytics

Under the Explorer Analytics tab, you will find a data summary of all of your Explorers. Below is a list of the available metrics and a short description of each measure:

  • Average Profile Completion – percent of Explorers who have successfully completed their profile

  • Average Quests Completed – average number of Quests completed per Explorer

  • Average Points Earned – average number of points earned per Explorer
  • Average Grade – average grade earned across all Explorers (note: Explorers without grades will draw down the average as they are counted as ‘0’s’)
  • Average Quest Aborted – average number of Quests aborted per Explorer (note: Aborted Quests are started and then the Explorer selects 'Quit this Quest' forfeiting all points for that given Quest)
  • Average Percent Quests Aborted – percent of all Quests started that were ultimately aborted
  • STEM Intent – percent of Explorers that are Highly Likely, Likely, and Not Likely to pursue a STEM career as measured by their self assessment
  • Projected STEM Fit – percent of Females and Males with Low, Medium or High affinity towards STEM careers as measured by the average Quest scores for each Explorer
  • Gender Distribution – percent of Females and Males who have at least completed the profile (note: Explorers who have been provisioned in the system but did not successfully complete registration and the profile will not be counted in the data set)
  • Ethnicity Distribution – percent of each ethnic group represented in the Explorer group (note: Explorers who have been provisioned in the system but did not successfully complete registration and the profile will not be counted in the data set)
  • Age Distribution – the count and percent of the ages of all Explorers broken down by gender


Data Export

All of your Explorer’s are listed alphabetically by last name. You can select some or all of your Explorers by either selecting the check boxes next to the desired Explorers or by using the Select All function at the top of that column. Once you’ve made your selection, press the Export button at the bottom of the screen and save the TSV file. Open that file in Excel and you will need to complete three steps in the Text Import Wizard.

  1. Choose Delimited as your Original data type and press Next.
  2. Choose Tab as your Delimiter and press Next.
  3. Choose General as your Column data format and press Finish.


Educator Resources

Educator Resources allows you to chose from viewing Lesson Plans or viewing Quest Overviews and Videos.

Viewing Lesson Plans brings you to a Educator Documents screen. There are general lesson plans and lesson plans specific to Quests. They align to Common Core, ICAP, and Next Generation Science Standards. They can be flexible deployed to support hands-on experimentation and the exploration of interdisciplinary STEM concepts. Select View Document to open any PDF. By selecting Edit, you can input some Navigator Notes about the given Lesson Plan. These observations might be helpful for planning, tracking, and best practices.

Viewing Quests brings you to a Quest Information screen. From here you can view a Quest Overview and watch the Quest Videos in order to become familiar with any of the careers. By selecting Edit, you can also input some Navigator Notes about each Quest. These observations might be helpful for later reference and as questions arise.



On the contact screen, you may submit an email to our support desk with any questions or concerns.



On the account screen, you can change your password.


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