Tobi Anderson, Program Director


I’m a lifelong learner and have a passion for not only continuing my learning journey, but also for helping bring others along. I focus on doing work that is interesting and engaging to me, and where I can make a difference. I have a penchant for bringing calm to chaos, I care about helping people grow and develop, and I’m fueled by the idea of helping girls, women, and underrepresented minorities explore STEM careers.

My key areas of expertise include learning and development, talent management, organization development, communications and marketing, as well as program and change management. I have experience creating and delivering learning curriculum, running my own consulting business, and mentoring and developing leaders. I’ve worked for private and for profit organizations in the technology, education, telecommunications, energy, and media industries. I earned my Masters degree in Organizational and Professional Communication, with a major in Organizational Development and Training from the University of Denver, and a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in International Business from DU.

I’m devoted to my family, and we love traveling the world and trying new experiences together.