Lauren Eimers, Education & Workforce Partnerships Manager


I grew up in the Midwest with two teachers for parents. My parents were a strong influence on me, and helped me develop a not only a passion for education, but also a passion for people. I saw how much energy my parents invested into their students to help them succeed. This led to me develop a very strong service-oriented attitude, and throughout my younger years I was extremely involved in various community service projects and gaining "real world" experience through volunteering. I loved being able to help others in whatever capacity I could, and I also grew to value diversity. This is something that has stuck with me my entire life.

Upon graduating from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, I carried all of those passions into my professional career. I started by developing a service-learning program on campus, then moving into learning and development at a medical device company. Prior to joining Couragion I was working in international admissions with graduate schools across North America. I loved working in education because I was creating opportunities for others to succeed.

I'm excited to join the Couragion team because I want to continue to help students achieve their goals, and help people see the potential in themselves.